My mission is to create something that says “unique, beautiful, and classy” all at the same time. And that is exactly what Serene Candles proves to define.

I wanted a snug candle that meshed with a glass centerpiece, so I made one.

As an avid home decor enthusiast myself, I know that exclusive finds for the home are a must. And the most exclusive thing about Serene Candles is that no candle will ever be entirely the same as another, because they are all hand made.

This makes Serene Candles a rare and genuine product with nothing out there to compare it to.

To ensure the best quality possible, I delicately handcraft each candle myself. I take time on everyone with care and perfection.

The quality and stability of my candles will always deliver in its entirety.

You can count on Serene Candles to give your home a sense of class, a dash of beauty with a dot of exclusivity.